Order Processing Changes

Effective March 4, 2019 orders will be processed on Monday or Thursday mornings around noon (currently, orders are processed on Tuesday and Thursday). We know that experienced BDSC users have come to rely on our current order processing schedule, so please read below to understand why we need to make this change. 

Why are we changing order processing? Currently the two, independent copies of the collection are housed in the same building. In an effort to have a more robust disaster plan, space was recently renovated in a building across campus to house the backup copy of the BDSC collection. While it wasn’t ideal from a disaster preparedness perspective, it was convenient to have both copies of the collection near one another as we often needed to use stocks from the backup copy when fulfilling orders. 

Under our old system, orders processed on Tuesday were packaged on Thursday. This 2-day window will simply not be enough time to coordinate between the two locations once we move into the new facility. As a result, we are moving order processing from Tuesday to Monday to give an additional day for orders to be prepared for Thursday packaging. Thursday order processing (for subsequent packaging on Monday) will not be affected.

You can find more information about the steps of order processing on our Order Fulfillment Page.

tl;dr: Orders will be processed on Monday (for packaging on the following Thursday) or Thursday (for packaging on the following Monday).