Last updated November 9, 2020

Important!! For all existing orders and new orders, please be sure that you will be able to receive shipments. Check that your institution’s receiving office is able to receive packages via your current shipping method and that the shipping address is correct (some institutions have created new receiving offices or receiving protocols due to the global pandemic). If shipments are lost due to incorrect addressing or closed receiving offices, then you will be required to pay for replacements (i.e., we will not replace the flies as “DOA” for free).

Shipping within the USA

We are seeing extended delivery times for domestic orders shipped via the USPS. We now have enough data to support recommending that domestic accounts strongly consider shipping via a courier service such as UPS or FedEx if you want your samples to arrive in a timely manner. Please see the "Shipping Methods" section on our Accounts and Users page for more information on domestic courier options. Finally, please change your shipping method and confirm your address before placing your order.

International shipping

We are currently processing orders twice per week on Mondays or Thursdays; however, we are limited by our shipping company’s restrictions and can only send international mail via the postal service (First-Class or Priority Mail) once per week. As a result, all international orders with postal service delivery will only be packed for shipment on Thursdays. International accounts shipping via postal sevice with APSingle or POSingle account types will receive quotes for their orders on Mondays and Thursdays as they did before the outbreak. International shipments using courier delivery and all domestic orders will be processed on Mondays and Thursdays.

We highly recommend that you consider using a courier service for international orders, at least for the near future. International mail delivery has seen significant delays in recent months, due to lack of passenger aircraft to transport packages and increased delivery times in the destination countries. Courier shipments seem to be largely unaffected, suggesting that they may be more reliable in the current situation. Courier options available to you vary by country. Please see the table below to determine your options, then contact Kim Cook ( to update your ship method and/or shipping address BEFORE you place any orders.


Table of courier options by country