Importing nontransgenic Drosophila strains into the U.S.

If you wish to import shipments consisting entirely of nontransgenic Drosophila strains, please contact Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) (877-770-5990) to determine their requirements. If they require the completion of USDA Form 526, it may be faxed or mailed to:

Plant Protection and Quarantine  

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service  

U.S. Department of Agriculture  

4700 River Road, Unit 133  

Riverdale, MD 20737

(301) 734-8700 (fax)  

To help you apply, the Bloomington Stock Center provides a partially completed USDA Form 526. The form has been modified so that it may be filled out and printed within Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply fill in the appropriate boxes (marked ****), print out and sign. Note that our version of Form 526 has not been reviewed by Plant Protection and Quarantine. They may require modifications. A blank Form 526 is available from the APHIS web site.  

PPQ permit applications may be submitted electronically, but PPQ requires a security clearance in order to use the online forms. In order to obtain this “Level 2 access”, you must visit a USDA office in person and present appropriate personal identification.