Transgene Insertions from the Gene Disruption Project

Lists of BDSC transgenic insertions either made or selected by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP) can be found under the links below. For most insertions mapped to the sequence, the cytology is estimated using the FlyBase Cytological<==>Sequence map conversion table.

GDP Insertions (click a link in the table below to generate a list of stocks)
Chromosome or Arm1 (X)2L2R3L3R4Y

Please read this caution about insertion phenotype data.

Schematics for many of the GDP pipeline insertions can be found at the GDP website.


BDGP/GDP screens and pipeline:

Spradling et al. 1999

Bellen et al. 2004

Bellen et al., 2011

GDP Web Site

Primary references for specific constructs:

Mi{ET1} - Metaxakis et al. 2005

Mi{MIC} - Venken et al. 2011

PBac{5HPw[+]}, PBac{3HPy[+]} - Ring 2001

PBac{GAL4,EYFP} - Hacker et al. 2003

PBac{PB}, PBac{RB}, PBac{WH} - Thibault et al. 2004

P{EP} - Rørth 1996

P{EPg} - Staudt et al. 2005

P{EPgy2} - Bellen et al. 2004

P{GT1} - Lukacsovich et al. 2001

P{lacW} - Torok et al. 1993

P{Mae-UAS.6.11} - Beinert et al. 2004

P{PZ} - Spradling et al. 1999

P{SUPor-P} (KV) - Konev et al. 2003

P{SUPor-P} (KG) - Roseman et al. 1995

P{wHy} - Huet et al. 2002

P{XP} - Thibault et al. 2004

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