Fluorescent Proteins for Tagging

Stocks that should be useful for fluorescently marking cellular compartments, proteins etc. can be found here. This list includes markers for:

  1. Subcellular compartments (e.g. Golgi, nuclei, etc.)

  2. Proteins (e.g. actin, microtubules)

  3. Processes (e.g. autophagy, apoptosis)

  4. Sex (just female so far . . .)

  5. Signaling pathway readout (e.g. Notch, JAK/STAT)

The compartments, tissues etc. described here may not represent the entirety of the expression pattern and, in some cases, are inferred from the construct name, not from published data. Please be sure to look in FlyBase for additional information and references for these insertions and constructs.

GFP* = this is GFP, not EGFP or GFP-S65F (to the best of our knowledge)

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