CasRx Stocks

The CasRx enzyme uses a guide RNA to cleave RNA in much the same way Cas9 cuts DNA. The following stocks carry insertions expressing CasRx. The method is reported in Buchman et al. (2020), Programmable RNA Targeting Using CasRx in Flies. The CRISPR Journal 3 (3): 164-176.

The following stocks carry insertions expressing CasRx guide RNAs ubiquitously under the control of snRNA:U6:96Ac regulatory sequences. Cas9 guide RNAs are not compatible with CasRx.

The following stocks express nuclease-dead CasRx enzyme for use as controls.

The following stock carries an insertion expressing firefly luciferaseGFP and Renilla luciferase under the control of Ubi-p63E regulatory sequences for use as a control with the firefly luciferase guide RNA construct P{U6-pLUC.RxgRNA} listed above.