Key to Map Location Basis Codes

CodeBasis of Primary Map Locations
A1r6 sequence, flank seq alignment
A2r6 sequence, FRT progenitors
A3r6 sequence, attP site
A4r6 sequence, gene location
A5r6 sequence, restriction frag or sequencing
A6r6 sequence, clone sequence alignment
A7r6 sequence, author statement
A10r6 sequence, homologous recombination
A16r6 sequence, progenitor insertion
A17r6 sequence, author statement
A18r6 sequence, multiple types
C17r6 arm, author statement
D4observed cytology, gene location
D12observed cytology, polytene chr banding
D13observed cytology, polytene chr in situ
D17observed cytology, author statement
D18observed cytology, multiple types
D19observed cytology, segregation
F1r6 computed cytology, flank seq alignment
F4r6 computed cytology, gene location
H4r5 computed cytology, gene location
H5r5 computed cytology, restriction frag or sequencing
H8r5 computed cytology, author statement
H15r5 computed cytology, aberration location
H17r5 computed cytology, author statement
K5r3 computed cytology, restriction frag or sequencing
N19chromosome, segregation
U0unknown location, not applicable