Restrictions & Notices

Notices may be associated with stocks placed in your cart. Notices refer to one of these categories.

A stock that is currently in intensive care is flagged with 'Sick - may not ship'. Stocks classified as sick will be shipped if available, but unavailable stocks are not back-ordered. If an alternate stock would work as well for your purposes, you might want to order a different stock.

Deficiency and insertion lines generated and donated by Exelixis, Inc., have some restrictions on license-free use. By ordering a stock flagged in your cart with 'Restricted - Exelixis Set', you agree to the following conditions of distribution:

  • License-free use of the stock or stocks marked 'Restricted - Exelixis Set' is restricted to not-for-profit research. Restricted stocks were donated to the BDSC by Exelixis, Inc., and may not be used in commercial research or other for-profit work without a use license. A use license may be obtained from Exelixis by contacting the company at
  • These stocks may not be redistributed to any third party outside of the recipient's institution. Recipients may take these stocks with them when they move to a new institution, provided they will be conducting non-commercial research at the new institution. If a stock is no longer available from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, an investigator may redistribute the stock to other not-for-profit investigators if recipients are notified in writing of the license requirements and redistribution restrictions.
  • By providing these stocks, Exelixis grants no rights to any patents or patent applications. Exelixis makes no representations regarding the stocks and extends no warranties of any kind. Exelixis shall not be liable for damage associated with the use of these stocks.
  • Stock recipients are encouraged to publish the results of their research and to acknowledge Exelixis as the source of the stocks.

Both for-profit AND not-for-profit users of stocks carrying cADDis sensors must obtain a license from Montana Molecular which may be subject to fees. If you do not already have a license, please email to request one. All license negotiations are between you and Montana Molecular; the BDSC has no financial stake in licensing terms for any of our stocks.

Please note, if we ship you cADDis stocks, your name and contact information will be provided to Montana Molecular upon their request. Montana Molecular plans to contact anyone receiving stocks who has not yet negotiated a license, so we strongly suggest you investigate licensing prior to ordering cADDis stocks.