Replacement Policy

Replacement Policy for Unusable Stocks

Although the great majority of stocks survive shipment, we cannot guarantee that your stocks will arrive alive. Also, as with any shipment, there is a small chance that it will be lost during transit. We share the risk of dead on arrival (DOA) and lost shipments with you by replacing any stock that dies or is lost in transit once without charging a stock or handling fee, and we pay reshipment postage if $5 or less. If you use courier service, or postage costs exceed $5, you pay the courier or postage charges for the reshipment. Because we offer a free (no stock or handling fee) replacement for each paid stock, you must pay for the original order even if it arrived dead or never arrived at all.

To order a replacement stock(s), place the stock(s) in your cart and click the Checkout button. On the Review Order page, check the “DOA” (Dead on Arrival) box next to each that you'd like to order as a replacement, then click the Submit Order button.

Please note:
1) You must place the DOA order within 6 weeks of the original ship date.

2) The BDSC only allows one replacement stock per paid stock. Once a DOA has been allowed, it will not be allowed in subsequent orders. If you must change an order that includes DOA stocks, please be sure to cancel the initial DOA order first.