Importing transgenic Drosophila strains into the U.S.

Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) uses online permit applications exclusively, so we provide step-by-step instructions for the USDA “e-permits” system. To use the e-permits system, you must register online.

BRS issues standard permits for transgenic Drosophila carrying DNA sequences from plant pests and courtesy permits for transgenic Drosophila lacking plant pest sequences (see Federal Genetically-Engineered Plant Pest Regulations). We provide guidance in choosing the appropriate application form at How do I know if my construct carries sequences from a plant pest? 

Most Drosophila constructs do not carry plant pest sequences; consequently, most researchers will use the directions at Applying for a permit to import flies with routine transgenic constructs lacking plant pest sequences

For those few transgenic strains carrying plant pest sequences, we provide application instructions at Applying for a permit to import flies carrying transgenic constructs with sequences from plant pests.

If you have already filled out an application and you want to copy it to create a new application, rather than starting all over again, see Copying an existing Biotechnology Regulatory Services permit application.