Permit Renewal

The process of renewing an existing standard import permit is straightforward if the original application was made through the e-permits system. Courtesy permits may not be renewed.

1. Go to Permits Log In page.

2. On eAuthentication page, type in your User ID and Password. If you have not yet registered, see Registering to use the Biotechnology Regulatory Services e-permit system.

3. On “Welcome to ePermits” page, click “Create Application”.

4. On “Choose Program Offices”, choose “Biotechnology Regulatory Services” and click “Continue”.

5. On “Choose Application types for BRS” page, choose “BRS Permit” and click “Continue”. 

6. Read “Welcome to BRS Permit” page and click “Continue”.

7. Read “Select Agent Confirmation” page. Select agents are toxins which pose a special bioterrorism threat. Very few Drosophila transgenic constructs contain select agent DNA sequences and most researchers will choose “No. This is NOT an application to move or import select agents…..” and then click “Continue”.

8. On the "Submission Method" page, select "Web entry form" and click "Continue". 

9. On the “Application Ownership” page, most investigators will choose “Yes. I will sign the application, and I am responsible for regulatory compliance related to this BRS Permit” and then click “Continue”. 

10. On the “Select New, Amendment, or Renewal” page, select “Renewal” and click “Continue”.

11. On the “Select or Enter Previous Permit Number to Amend or Renew” page, choose “I would like to amend/renew the following permit” and select an existing permit from the drop-down menu. When you hit “Continue”, you will be able to request a permit renewal using saved information. Be sure to change the "Proposed Start Date" and "Proposed End Date" under Locations > Destination. Enter a three-year time span. 

12. When you are satisfied all the information on the forms is correct, go to the "Certify and Submit" tab and submit the application.