Shipping instructions provided by PPQ


"All packages for transport must minimally consist of both inner/primary and outer/secondary packages securely sealed so that both are effective barriers to escape or unauthorized dissemination of the listed materials/organisms. The inner/primary package(s) will contain all regulated materials/organisms and must be cushioned and sealed in such a way that it remains sealed during shock, impact, and pressure changes that may occur. The outer/secondary shipping container must be rigid and strong enough to withstand typical shipping conditions (dropping, stacking, impact from other freight, etc.) without opening."


"A label must be attached to the exterior of each package being imported under this permit. The labels have detailed instructions for use on the reverse side. You are responsible for instructing your shipper to carefully follow these instructions. You are responsible for each import shipping label issued under this permit.

Enclose the following supplemental information in each shipment:
- Permittee Name
- Permit number
- Label number

Underlying packaging/wrapping must carry the address, billing, and any other information required to direct the shipment to its final destination (i.e., the permit holder's address; N.B., USDA APHIS does not defray any additional shipping costs incurred for transiting the shipment through an inspection station as the initial US destination)."