Import Pest Sequences


If you are importing transgenic Drosophila carrying sequences from a plant pest, you will need to provide detailed descriptions of the constructs and you will not be able to use the “Routine Drosophila Transgenic Constructs” attachment described in the instructions for importing routine constructs

To import transgenic strains with plant pest sequences, you actually need two permits:  an Import Permit and an Interstate Movement Permit.  The e-permit applications for the two permits are almost identical, so once you’ve been through the Import Permit application (below), the Interstate Movement application will look very familiar.

Each Import or Interstate Movement permit for transporting transgenic strains carrying plant pest sequences may be used for a single shipment. You will receive only one import label per application. See What should I do with permits once I receive them?

If you have already been through these instructions and you want to submit another permit application, see Copying an existing Biotechnology Regulatory Services permit application.

If you have already received an import permit and you have used it or it has expired, you can renew the permit online.