Import Old Courtesy Permits

Courtesy permits issued by BRS after September 30, 2013 have been accompanied by a "Letter of No Jurisdiction" instructing customs inspectors to forward packages directly to the recipient (see example). If you received BRS courtesy permits with mailing labels prior to September 2013, you have two options.

1. Use the courtesy permits and labels as originally instructed. The label will tell customs inspectors to send a shipment to the appropriate APHIS inspection station where it will be cleared for delivery. In our experience, this adds minimal delays to delivery times.

2. Request a Letter of No Jurisdiction from Biotechnology Regulatory Services to go with the existing permit. The request must come from the person who was issued the permit and the permit number must be provided. The Letter of No Jurisdiction will be e-mailed to you within 1-2 business days.

More information on both options is available at What should I do with permits once I receive them?