Copying a Permit Application

If you have already filled out a permit application and submitted it and you want to prepare another application, you do not need to fill in every form field again. You can copy a completed permit and change only the relevant fields. The following instructions show how to change only the country of origin and the effective dates, since this is the most common task.

If you are not logged into the ePermits site, begin with step 1. If you are already logged in, navigate to the "Welcome to ePermits"/home page and start at step 3.

1. Go to Permits Log In page.

2. On the eAuthentication page, type in your User ID and Password. If you have not yet registered, see Registering to use the Biotechnology Regulatory Services e-permit system.

3. On the “Welcome to ePermits”/home page, you'll see "...All saved applications" and "...All saved permits/responses". One of the pages will have your previous permit application. 

4. Choose an application you want to copy and click the icon in the "Copy Appl." column.

5. To the question "Are you responsible for this BRS Permit?", click "Yes" and then "OK".

6. You will now see all the form pages of your previous application. You can now change any field on any form page. If you want to change only the country of origin and effective dates, click "Locations" on the red line at the top of the page.

7. On the "Importation" page, click "Edit" under "Point of Origin".

8. Change the country. Click "Continue".

9. On the "Importation" page, click "Edit" under "Destination". 

10. Enter the current date under “Proposed Start Date”. In the “Proposed End Date” box, type the same date three years later. (Permits are good for three years.) Click "Continue".

11. Click "Certify and Submit" on the red line at the top of the page.

12. If you are satisfied all the information on the forms is correct, go to the "Certify and Submit" tab and submit the application.

13. The "Application Submitted" page will appear with an application number for your records. You may view the application or click "Home" to submit another application.