Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Purchase Order?

    A Purchase Order (PO) is an official and binding document issued by your organization authorizing the expenditure of funds for BDSC stocks ordered on your account, thereby guaranteeing future payment to the BDSC for goods provided now. Blanket POs (aka Standing Order, Open Order or similar) are not supported by all organizations. Please consult your purchasing agent about the options in your case (providing this POMulti Agreement document to your purchasing agent might be helpful).

  • When will my POSingle order be invoiced?

    We will invoice your organization one to three weeks after shipment of your order (7 days for courier shipments, 10 days for domestic postal shipments, 21 days for international postal shipments).

  • How do I fund an APMulti account?

    The APMulti option allows you to make an advance payment that covers multiple orders throughout the year, or future years. Your funds will remain on account for your use until they are spent. Contact us with the amount you want to place on account, or send us a Purchase Order, and we will send an invoice. Your account type will display as APMulti-InProg (in progress) until your account has been funded. You can place orders on an APMulti-InProg account, but we cannot ship your stocks until funds have been received.

  • What happens when my APMulti account runs out of money?

    If the cost of an order exceeds your APMulti balance your account will convert to APSingle. The money that was left on your APMulti account will be applied to the APSingle order and you will receive a quote for the balance.

  • How do I get the accumulated charges on my current blanket PO?

    Contact us to request an interim statement for your POMulti account. Be sure to include your account number with your request.

  • What does POMulti-InProg mean?

    When you choose the POMulti account type, your account status is 'in progress' until we receive your Purchase Order. You can place orders while your account is POMulti-InProg, but we cannot ship stocks until we receive your PO. 

    To give us your PO, log in to the BDSC website (click on the LOG IN link in the upper-right and use your email address and your password to log in). Then click on the ACCOUNT link in the upper-right. Then click Purchase Order from the left sidebar. Follow the instructions to upload your document. We will be notified of your upload. Alternatively, email the document to Please make sure your PO references your BDSC account number.

  • Why is my account inactive?

    If your BDSC account status is Suspended, there is probably an unpaid invoice on your account (in rare cases we may need information and have been unable to reach you). Contact us if you need another copy of an invoice. We must receive payment for overdue balances before we can reactivate a suspended account.